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The STATIONHEAD app just might revolutionise the music industry.

Originally built on the Spotify API, this startup allows users to broadcast their playlists as if they were on the radio; users can DJ songs, chat, and engage with listeners through comments and live calls. Just download the app, connect it to your Spotify account and start broadcasting. (You have to be a premium Spotify user, although they have recently added Apple Music)

STATIONHEAD’s Key Features

The startup has a number of great features that make STATIONHEAD an addictive user experience.

  • Live broadcasting of your playlist (which continues even when you leave)
  • Track ‘bite’. If you like a song that is being played, you can ‘bite’ the track to add it your own playlist.
  • Live commenting
  • Live on-air calls with listeners
  • Cross-platform listening (broadcast with Spotify, listen with your Apple Music account)
STATIONHEAD’s Coolest Part

What’s cool about STATIONHEAD is the way it works. Unlike a normal radio broadcast where the DJ plays the song out to all the listeners, when a listener tunes in the app signals to their account (Spotify or Apple Music) to play the song in sync with everybody elses. This means that each listener counts as one song stream, which is a strong incentive for artists and labels to put on a good show because, you know, more listeners, more streams, more money.


CEO: Jace Kay – Ex-consultant at Delos, experienced coder and web designer.

Co-Founder: Ryan Star – US rock singer signed to Island Records.

(+a seriously experienced team of advisors surrounding them, and they are currently in the First Growth Venture Network accelerator)

  • Seed funding: $1,300,000

Download here!!


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