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From school friends to business partners, the underground fashion brand DeathtoHeartbreaks could become the next big clothing collective to rise up from the States.

Founded in 2014 by three friends from Lawrenceville, GA, DeathtoHeartbreaks was born from a desire to escape hardships and turn negativity into creativity.

The clothing brand collaborates with other local creatives through their magazine and website, where they are growing underground support through offering rising designers and musicians a platform to display their work.

We are gonna let you in on their inside track – the story, the clothing, and the extras.

The Story

Founded in 2014 by Elijah McClinton, Dejuan Barney, and Ashton Graham, DeathtoHeartbreaks was one of the first new clothing brands in their area. Shortly after starting, the team experience a few setbacks and stopped making clothes altogether. Until two new members, ICF11 & Monty Chino (two rising local artists) joined the team a helped restart the brand.

Several successful seasons since then, DeathtoHeartbreaks have set themselves apart from other brands through their online magazine (View it: here) where they collaborate with local artists, feature each other’s styles, and discuss influences, idols, and how they got started.

DeathtoHeartbreaks are keen to stick to their roots. Elijah told us in an email that the artist highlight is there purely to elevate other artists. Something they lacked when starting was a platform from which to show off their brand, and that’s the opportunity they want to give others.

I feel like everyone has a special talent within themselves and you just got to
make your surroundings bigger for certain people to notice. – Elijah McClinton

DeathtoHeartbreaks want to stay away from trends and stay in their own lane. One of the artists that they previously featured is currently in talks to be signing a deal as a result, Elijah says that they are proud to have played a role in launching this artists career. They invite any artists who want to be featured to send them an email for more information at

The Clothes

DeathtoHeartbreaks clothes are unlike anything we’ve seen before but they have a similar vibe to some of the underground hip-hop/gothic inspired brands that we previously showcased.






Yellow REAL BOY T-shirt


Lettermen Jacket
Deathtoheartbreaks Lettermen Jacket

Currently, DeathtoHeartbreaks only has its Lettermen Jacket in stock in their online shop. But if you register your interest and let them know, I’m sure they will let you know what’s you can expect for the next season!!


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